The history of RAIN FOR A DAY has its roots in 1994. In fact it was the 15th of July 1994, when the 18-year-old singer Miriam Schell and the 22-year-old musician Matthias Harder met each other in a club near Hamburg, Germany. It was a cheerful evening, since both of them were performing with their own Bands (Matthias as the drummer of CHAMÄLEON, who later became the well known progressive rock band SYLVAN).


Who would have guessed that this encounter had been the birth of a long lasting partnership in song writing and lead to a work full of depth, immense emotion and wide sound spectrum.

With their latest album „Elemental“ RAIN FOR A DAY are not only proving the maturity they gained through out the years, but also an impressive independence in style.

Northern melancholy and the pulsating big city nights of their hometown Hamburg gave inspiration to their creation of a sound reflecting urges and longings. Matthias Harder loves to connect sweet melodies with dark arrangements that find their climax in epic scenarios. As soon as they are embraced by Miriam Schell’s voice full of tender warmth and consoling narration, it captures you and drags you off into an emotional landscape full of passion and depth.

As well as other bands and artists RAIN FOR A DAY had always been marked by time and went through phases of elation and dejection. When they had just begun the manufacturing of their first self produced album „Marbles“ in 1996 the music industry became attentive to them, but preferred watching their further development to signing a contract.

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